MYTHOS BREWERY is the second largest brewery in Greece and a member of the Carlsberg Group. The production plant is located in Thessaloniki where Mythos, Kaiser, Kaiser Double Malt and Henninger beers are produced. Especially Mythos beer, the first authentic Hellenic beer, is the only Greek beer brand that is exported to approximately 30 countries having branded demand and loyal fans. The company also imports and distributes throughout the country international beer brands: the Danish Carlsberg, the Mexican Corona Extra, the Irish Guinness and Kilkenny registered trademarks by Diageo Ireland, the Belgian Grimbergen, the Bavarian weissbier Schneider Weisse and the French Kronenbourg 1664. Therefore Mythos Brewery expands the Greek market of beer and offers Greek consumers new qualitative choices of tastes. The company also maintains distribution centres in Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete, providing nationwide distribution coverage. Products Mythos Brewery offers the consumers refreshing pleasure with a wide product portfolio: Mythos: the lager with the rich head, the bright blonde colour, and the pleasing refreshing taste, made of select varieties of barley and hops, is a guarantee of enjoyment in every occasion. Mythos is the world’s most famous Hellenic beer. Carlsberg: The All Malt Premium beer with the unrivalled taste that enjoys worldwide recognition, Carlsberg combines the sweetness of Danish summer apples with the taste of hops and cereals resulting in a harmoniously balanced taste. Kaiser: The main representative of the German PILSNER and the largest selling Pils beer in Greece. Kaiser Double Malt: The new double pleasure from Kaiser. Kaiser Double Malt is an inspiration of the Kaiser Master Brewer, Matt Callan. Every bottle of Kaiser Double Malt bears his personal care, based on the German tradition of beer making. Corona Extra: The No 1 selling Mexican beer in the world. Guinness**: The world’s top selling stout beer. Shneider Weisse: The authentic, high quality Bavarian Weissbier which is produced since 1872 in a brewery that specializes in the production of Weissbier. Kronenbourg 1664: The number one premium beer in France and one of the top selling brands in the world. Grimbergen: Abbey beer from Belgium, available in 3 types: Blonde, Double and Optimo Bruno. Kilkenny**: The Irish premium red ale, characteristic representative of ale category. Henninger: A full tasting beer of the classic Bavarian school of Lagers. ** "Guinness" and "Kilkenny" are registered trade marks of Diageo Ireland.

Biere der Brauerei

Bier Name Alkohol Stammwürze Biertests
Mythos 5,0% 2


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